As a facilitator/coach, I want to contribute to the development of individuals, teams and organisations by guiding them to grow to their full potential. 

The underlying goal is always to support people and groups with:
Gaining a greater awareness of who they are, what their strengths are and what they want to achieve.
The imagining and defining of a vision for the future that fits closely with their personal qualities.
Working on relationships from the point of view of connection, based on the conviction that better relationships make for easier collaborations.

Developing together, which I consider the most important driver for change. I believe change can only be successful if noticeable on a behavioural level. Working for an organisation = working together on the organisation.

Developing leadership qualities. I am convinced that you cannot teach leadership, but that it must develop from within the person.

Appraising diversity and individuality.

Steven Haine  
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