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What customers request

In Teams and Organisations:

We would like to define a vision that closely fits our qualities.

How can we motivate our employees more?

We would like them to show more initiative.

We have a vision but would like everyone to share it.

We have a conflict in the team.

We want to see our supervisors exhibiting more leadership.

There are a lot of new people and they need to be integrated into the team.

We want to work together, make decisions, communicate, direct, plan more efficiently.

Our organisation/team works well and we want to maintain this.

We will be merged with another organisation/team. How should we proceed?

A change is required. How can we ensure that it is sustainable (long term) and is supported by everyone?

How can we ensure that we retain good people?

Facilitator’s approach.

There is much diversity in the team.

Steven Haine  
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